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GOOD MORNING, Friends! Aurora perched atop her big boulders keeping watch over her territory.
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1959 A woman in a store

The image depicts a woman indoors, somewhere inside a store.
The atmosphere of the image is vintage, as it is presented in a monochrome or black and white tone.
The woman is the focal point of the image, her face is clearly visible and seems to be the main subject.
She is dressed in clothing that might be available in the shop, suggesting she could be a shopper or perhaps a model or an employee.
The setting around her is somewhat blurred, but enough detail is provided to make out that it is a shop, with various items possibly on display.
The overall mood is serene and somewhat nostalgic due to the black and white filter.

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It's been a while since I was this egregiously jump scared. I can't get over how dramatic those weezes at the end are. More Overwatch Wrecking Ball trauma!

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I lived my childhood in a 400 year old converted barn, on a dyke in the middle of the Netherlands.

For whatever reason, I'm suddenly reminded of the Rijdende Winkel, the Moving Shop.

At least once or twice a week, this thing would trundle along the dyke and stop at various intervals where it could. Rather like a Library Bus. Fruit, vegetables, dry goods, etc. A corner shop or bodega on wheels.

(This was also the same size as our friend's chippy van)

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Make an NFT.

*** Unique Gift Ideas *** Wooden Tumbling Tower Game (Like Jenga)
This is the classic wood tower game that so many know and love. It is a small, travel size and comes in a wood, storage box with a sliding lid that features the

Fortnum and Mason Christmas

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WooCommerce Blocks 11.7.0 Release Notes

A while back I was whinging about the app. A few of you who run online businesses countered that it had transformed your sales for the better.

So, a question to you: how do I (as a shopper) request a refund on something

I bought an item of clothing for The Boy in November, not realising the vendor was in China and that the 9-12 delivery time was a fantasy. After 12 days I finally got a dispatch notification and a tracking number, then this week the tracking number was cancelled

Are you and or a loved one interested in pastel cryptids How about vaporwave Do you need to remind people that you are, in fact, not apart of a cult Cats

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How to Watch All the Home Alone Movies Online

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When the sun sets over the ocean horizon.

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Fairy Tales at QAGOMA is fab! Recommend making a dash to get some of the plushies & Yayoi Kusama merch. The latter isn't a focus in the but her work is heavily featured in the . The installation of inc Piccinini, Barton, Blackman, Branagh & many more is beautifully done. There's also wonderful fashion on show & the gallery was a welcome respite from heat. Shame the mechanical mushroom machine was on the blitz but I'll go back before it closes in April 2024.

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1958 A group of women in a store

This image captures a lively scene of a group of women in a store.
They are surrounded by a variety of clothing items, indicating that they are possibly in a clothing store.
The women appear to be engaged in a shopping spree, with some of them standing and others moving around.
Their faces are visible, and there's a sense of joy permeating the atmosphere as most of them are smiling.
The lighting suggests they are indoors.
Details like their different hairstyles add to the diversity and individuality of each woman.
The overall mood of the picture is cheerful and energetic, showcasing a typical day of shopping.

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Fortnum and Mason Christmas !

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