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Here's something colourful for a Saturday.

I found this classic, old-school, art materials shop on the Left Bank, in Paris, as I was wandering around the Latin Quarter one day - not far from Shakespeare and Co. It had pastels and pencils by the yard. I do hope it's still there.

This is in portrait format - enlarge to see the whole image.

Happy Caturday everyone


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I added new emotes to my ko-fi!

I made them for my little discord server and a few people asked if they can use them on their private servers as well - the answer is YES!

We got a few pride hearts, DnD dice and more!
Maybe theres something that interests you :artcapy2:

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Aug 17: Today is National Day!

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Geschenkideen fr schwbische Frauen
Ja, was kann man einer schwbischen Frau schenken
Was hat sie noch nicht
Was wird ihr gefallen
Hier sind ein paar Anregungen fr Dich:

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Nicky Minaj In The Starry Night...

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Pattern tested this baby for knotmichelle on Instagram!! Soooo cute and so much fun to make :blobcathearthug:

Edit: sorry, forgot alt text!

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