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Neue Website aus meinem Hause: PETZE-Institut fr Gewaltprvention gGmbH - Prvention von sexuellem Missbrauch und sexualisierter Gewalt
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Die Website ist , es gibt eine Version in , zu den Ausstellungen 360-Grad Rundgnge und viele informative Videos.

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Gestern Nachmittag konnte ich mir ein Pckchen vom Nachbarn abholen.
Es war die Blitzlieferung von !
So was von liebevoll verpackt und fast zu schn, um es auszupacken aber ich war natrlich neugierig.
Denke, die sprechen fr sich.
Wer also jemandem mit ausgesuchten eine Freude machen will, der die oder das sollte im von nachgucken.
Helmi hat sich ber Karte und sehr gefreut und ich werde heuer versuchen, auf zu kultivieren.

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Michael Herter Audio Music Library for Videos - Evening in Chicago (Old Restaurant Cafe Glamor Chicago America Jazz)

"smooth melodies and soulful rhythms"

1959 A man holding a pair of shoes

A man is indoors, possibly in a store or shop, as he holds a pair of shoes in his hands.
He appears to be sitting on a piece of furniture, possibly a couch, which is near a window.
The man, who is clearly the main focus of the image, is dressed in a coat.
His face is clearly visible, adding a human touch to the scene.
In the background, there's a wall that adds depth to the image.
There are also hints of a handbag and other luggage and bags nearby, suggesting that he might be in a retail environment.
The general atmosphere suggests an urban setting, perhaps even a street just outside the window.

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Alternative sources for supplying ENEX merch are also being looked into to provide more choice and lower shipping costs to those CMDRs outside of the UK. We hope to have more news about that very soon.

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Inspecting hats
Milan, Italy

February Office Hours: Web API & Open Discussion

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Pushkar Market by Geraint Rowland Photography

The Grammy Queen ... Forever inspirational. Taylor Swift Holding a Grammy Award.


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-historic homage to the powerful spiritual magnetism that has provided for a -millennium.

the featured styles from our #2024 core collection, in shop and online from this Saturday, February 3rd at 1pm (est).

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